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What is Strategypal?

Strategypal is a comprehensive strategic mentoring system. It's an innovative cloud application precision-engineered to boost your strategic mentoring career into the stratosphere.

Combining your excellent face-to-face mentoring with a user-friendly system, Strategypal puts strategic planning and implementation where it belongs: at the heart of business development. Strategypal is the ultimate tool for serious strategic mentors.


The Power of Strategy

You know it's true: Strategic planning nearly always fails. We developed Strategypal to solve the number one cause of that failure: poor implementation.

The vast majority of companies that invest in strategic planning fall down on implementation. Good intentions don't pave the way to success - good processes do.

Strategypal gives you a detailed, tailored, and easy-to-follow process that keeps your clients focused on strategic implementation 100% of the time. And focusing on implementation makes success many times more likely.


Benefits: What's in it for You?

In a word: Tons. Strategypal supercharges your career in many ways:

  1. Puts strategy to work, every day
  2. Increases your income
  3. Lets you manage more clients
  4. Helps you keep clients for longer
  5. Enhances traditional mentoring
  6. Builds credibility
  7. And much, much more ...


"What gets measured gets improved"

- Peter Drucker