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The Power of Strategy

To begin with, Strategypal makes the once-painful process of developing a plan vastly easier. It simplifies strategic planning, helping teams work together to develop a strategy that is clear, fully supported and eminently ‘doable.’

And ‘doable’ is the key: Strategypal makes implementation – sustained execution of the plan – an easy, natural, seamless part of daily operations.

Strategypal’s unwavering focus on implementation drives your clients – and, by extension, your career – toward tangible, measurable success.

For businesses it’s a life-saver. For mentors, a Godsend.

Organised around the proven approach of Review, Plan, Do and Measure, Strategypal comprises four core modules:

  1. Audit(Review) – Determining your starting point and ascertaining broad strategic challenges and options.
  2. WorkPad (Plan)– This module comprises four sub-modules:
    1. Reality – Where are you today? A warts-and-all view of current issues, challenges and, of course, opportunities.
    2. Clarity – Where are you headed? Mission, vision, values, strategic themes, key objectives, measureable targets, etc.
    3. STs – Where Strategic Themes are delineated, and the critical issues that need attention are prioritised, with measureable targets.
    4. BTs – Quarterly, or perhaps monthly, management and tracking of key strategic breakthroughs.
  3. Action Manager(Do)– Just like it sounds: daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly actions linked to strategic objectives.
  4. Business Intelligence(Measure) – Key performance Indicators (KPIs) – the high level progress view across all strategic activities – gives you insights into what you really need to know.