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The Benefits

Let’s look at the myriad benefits of Strategypal more closely.

  1. Puts strategy to work, every day.Transforms how mentors interact with clients, promoting communication, involvement, measurement and accountabilityas the cornerstones of success.
  2. Increases your income.Provides a new subscription and renewal revenue streams, in addition to the revenue-generating advantages of increased numbers of clients and expanded client relationships (see below).
  3. Lets you manage more clients.Availing of cloud technology and extensive automation, Strategypal takes time-consuming aspects out of the process, freeing you to handle more clients in less time.
  4. Helps you keep clients for longer.Promotes an on-going interaction between the clients’ team and the mentor that cements the mentor/client relationship and builds loyalty and a positive dependence on the system.
  5. Enhances traditional mentoring.Makes good mentors great, giving you the tools to raise everyone’s game. Strategypal clearly links actions to strategic objectives, and makes continuous measurement and accountability the cornerstones of success – exactly what companies hire strategic mentors to do.
  6. Builds credibility.
    Building on a strong foundation of proven strategies, Strategypal leverages high-end technologies and sophisticated implementation processes to create a reliable, results-driven strategic planning system that systematically exposes key strategic challenges.
  7. Exposes key strategic challenges.This is any mentor’s core concern, and Strategypal quickly raises these issues to the surface.
  8. Offers accurate perspective on team dynamics.Captures the thinking and perspective of the entire management team, arming the mentor with vital intuition for decision-making.
  9. Involves everyoneMakes strategy everyone’s everyday responsibility, thus involving and engaging the entire team.
  10. Creates a culture of continuous improvement.Emphasising systematic process, Strategypal engages everyone in the idea of continuity, measurement and accountability.
  11. Enables absolute control of the process.You always determine exactly how much to put before your client at any stage in the process – keeping the team focused and motivated without overwhelming them. Worksheets and other built-in flexibilities enable you to tailor the system absolutely to your clients’ needs.
  12. Highlights the value of incremental progress.Founded on the principle that continuous micro-improvements are the key to sustainable success, Strategypal focuses the team on the value of these improvements, and always shows the link between current actions and the larger strategic goals.
  13. Facilitates communication.Includes built-in processes for remote access and 24/7 feedback, dramatically increasing interaction levels, productivity and relationship visibility with clients.
  14. Improves team management.Openly tracks strategic activity of the entire team, providing valuable metrics onprogress and involvement, both exposing weak dedication or commitment and, more importantly, highly motivating collective engagement.
  15. Manages quality control.Assures consistently high standards and processes to transparently manage quality, without sacrificing flexibility or individuality of mentors.
  16. Identifies key strategic mentoring opportunities.Back-end analytics in Strategypal’s Audit, Money, Sales and other modules identify main challenges, producing invaluable and validated metrics.
  17. Increases client acquisition rates.Strategypal’s Audit allows breakout analysis by sector (pharmaceutical, healthcare, ICT, hospitality, etc.) and by ‘flavours’ (services, retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, etc.) enabling tailoring of very specific promotion and advertising programmes that let mentors target potential clients with relevant and validated metrics.
  18. Perpetually stays ahead of the curve.Strategypal is designed to always refresh itself, maintaining relevance and innovation in many ways:
    i.     Continuously revitalises organisations – Strategypal’s Audit is not a static analysis tool;  instead, it is a living process, updated and expanded to safeguard enduring relevance, revisited at least annually, providing new impetus, drive and energy
    ii.    Sustains revenue stream continuity – system updates, new releases, new modules, and worksheets designed to capture emergent strategic learning keep the system sustainable, fresh and dynamic
    iii.  Continually adds knowledge – the Xtrapal knowledge base is continually expanded and updated.
  19. Provides immediate and detailed high-level metrics.Strategypal automatically tracks valuable metrics and generates reports on management and employee activity such as last worksheet update, strategic progress, etc.

Client Benefits

For your clients, too, Strategypal drives businesses toward success in many ways:

    1. Builds and strengthens management teams.Gives everyone a voice in the strategic process, from the boardroom to the back-rooms and the frontlines.
    2. Reveals inner workings of the team.Strategypal’s Audit reviewprovides very insightful perspectives to the entire team, about how they think, interact and work together, and how they can improve to propel the business towards success.
    3. Keeps the ‘eye on the prize.’
      Strategypal’s Clarity module focuses the entire team on driving the business forward.
    4. Focuses on results.Through Business Intelligence, Action Manager and other modules Strategypal keeps the emphasis where it belongs: on implementation and execution, clearly linking actions to strategic objectives.
    5. Builds sense of involvement in a common cause.With its sophisticated communications tools, Strategypal keeps lines of communication open and flowing, engaging all employees in the process, letting everyone know how they fit in to the big picture, and providing clarity on questions as they arise.

The Manager

But perhaps the greatest benefit to your clients is Strategypal’s power to transform managers.

StrategyPal’s built-in flexibility makes it easy for strategic mentors to focus their managers on what they’re best at. It reveals, first of all, the often surprising or hidden strengths of individual managers, and enables the mentor to apply these strengths and talents toward implementation of the plan.

Of course, being human, managers also come with their charming little quirks and weaknesses. Various management styles and behaviours can put up roadblocks to progress. Every mentor comes across these characters:

      • The Bully – a manager whose motto is ‘my way or the highway.’
      • The Ostrich – a manager with their head buried deeply in the sand, avoiding problems that pile up around them.
      • The Navel-Gazer – a manager who is so focused on detail that the big picture gets lost.
      • The Visionary – the opposite: a manager who orates like Dr King with a dream, but who couldn’t implement their way out of a wet paper bag.
      • The Procrastinator – We can discuss this one later.

But Strategypal overcomes these quirks of character:

      • By helping to build and strengthen teams, and giving everyone a voice in the process, Strategypal makes it impossible for bullies to bully.
      • By raising issues before they become problems, Strategypal pulls the Ostrich’s head from the sand and provides an elevated view of reality.
      • By keeping everyone’s eye on the prize, Strategypal moves the Navel-Gazer’s gaze away from irrelevant detail and onto the Big Strategic Picture.
      • By creating a sustainable implementation process, clearly and inextricably linked to strategy, Strategypal turns visionaries into men and women of action.
      • By accurately and regularly measuring actions Strategypal makes it almost impossible for the procrastinators in the company to put off until tomorrow what really should be done today.

In short, Strategypal helps you make poor managers good and good managers great.