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What is StrategyPal?

Strategypal is a comprehensive strategic mentoring system.

It’s an innovative cloud application precision-engineered to boost your strategic mentoring career into the stratosphere.

Combining your excellent face-to-face mentoring with a user-friendly system, Strategypal puts strategic planning and implementation where it belongs: at the heart of business development.

Strategypal is the ultimate tool for serious strategic mentors.

Strategypal gives you an amazing edge as a mentor, by communicating strategy in a way that everyone can understand, from the shop floor to the boardroom, creating exceptional focus.

It mobilises employees to act in a fundamentally different way: focused on making daily improvements that are realistic, incremental, impactful and enduring.

Managers and employees work strategically every day, always driving the business – and their own careers – toward success.

And their success is your success.

With Strategypal, strategic mentors’ clients are no longer on their own. Strategypal is a 24/7 system, keeping client and mentor in constant contact to analyse, plan, review, comment, feed back, keep updated on progress and provide clarity on questions as they arise on every aspect of strategy delineation and implementation.

Strategy creation is about doing the right things.

Strategy implementation is about doing things right.

Strategypal ensures that the right things are done right.

This powerful system helps managers and employees to think, act and work strategically every day – always driving the business toward success.

Strategypal brings innovative efficiency to one-on-one mentoring, making it more manageable, focused, interactive and systematic, augmenting and supporting the delivery of quality strategic mentoring. It obviates the need for long and frequent one-to-one sessions, thereby enabling mentors to guide far more clients than they could possibly handle without Strategypal.

Successful strategic planning and implementation is bold, compelling, tactical, resourced, integrated and inspiring; it gets everyone united, moving forward in a common direction from which real change emerges, coalescing, analysing, thinking, planning, doing, measuring and reviewing to continuously implement improvements that are incremental, cumulative … enduring.

Michael Byrnes, StrategyPal founding director

Did you know that strategic planning nearly always fails?

Why? Well, for one thing, according to The Balanced Scorecard authors Kaplan and Norton:

’85% of companies’ top executives spend less than 1 hour per month discussing strategy.’

That’s one hour in 160. But it’s worse than that. Because the vast majority of companies that do invest in strategic planning fail to follow up with a sustainable implementation process. Instead, they produce an ambitious PowerPoint presentation, accompanied by a bunch of impressive Excel worksheets and an almost mystical hope that something good will come of it. Guess what? It never does. Nothing good could possibly come from a plan without a process.

Knowing is not enough … we must apply. Willing is not enough … we must do.

Johann Goethe

So, why does strategic planning nearly always fail?

  • Many organizations can’t even describe their strategy – it is stuffed into a bulky binder and shelved, or saved in a password protected folder
  • Most employees have no access to the plan, and up to 95% don’t understand it
  • 92% of organizations do not report on lead performance indicators
  • 90% of well-formulated strategies fail due to poor execution
  • 60% of typical organizations do not link their strategic priorities to their budget
  • 70% of middle managers and more than 90% of front-line employees have compensation that is not linked to the strategy


It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.

Vaclav Havel

That’s why we designed StrategyPal – to help mentors focus their clients on not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk – putting strategic planning to work, every single day.

Let’s face it: planning is the easy part.

The reason that everybody likes planning is that nobody has to do anything.

Jerry Brown

In fact, StrategyPal makes planning even easier. StrategyPal simplifies strategic planning, making strategy ‘doable’, easy and enjoyable.

But the real magic of StrategyPal is how it makes implementation – sustained execution of the plan – an easy, natural, seamless part of daily operations.

How Does StrategyPal Work?

Strategic mentors understand intimately the crucial importance of strategic planning and especially implementation, but clients can easily become overwhelmed with fire-fighting and day-today operations.

Even the best laid strategic plans often go askew.

Strategypal is for mentors who refuse to let clients’ plans gather dust on shelves – who strive to put strategic planning to work, making it everyone’s everyday responsibility.

Strategypal is a comprehensive online strategic mentoring system that places strategic planning and implementation where it belongs: at the heart of business development, always driving the business towards success.

Strategypal embraces not just the desired strategic outcomes, but more specifically and importantly, the drivers of those outcomes, linking:

  • competencies, systems, culture
  • with good processes
  • and satisfied customers
  • to achieve financial success

Strategypal is 100% dedicated to strategic planning. We help mentors develop powerful yet flexible strategic plans, but we take it much further than that. Strategypal’s vast array of intuitive tools ensures that the strategic plans you have so painstakingly developed with your clients become an integral part of their working day.

In short, we help your clients put strategic planning to work. Strategypal shines a spotlight on what progress is being achieved. Strategypal gives your clients clear guidance about where they are, where they are going and how they are going to get there.

In real life, strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell.

Jack Welch

The Manager …

Consider the manager. Managers tend to share a number of traits such as intelligence, ambition, dedication, a strong work ethic, etc. And, being human, each manager has their own strengths and talents.

You have to understand what it is that you are better at than anybody else and mercilessly focus your efforts on it.

Andrew Grove, CEO, Intel

StrategyPal’s built-in flexibility makes it easy for strategic mentors to focus their managers on what they’re best at. It reveals, first of all, the often surprising or hidden strengths of individual managers, and enables the mentor to apply these strengths and talents toward implementation of the plan.

Of course, again being human, managers also come with their charming little quirks and weaknesses. Various management styles and behaviours can put up roadblocks to progress. Every mentor occasionally comes across some of these characters:

  • The Bully – a manager whose motto is ‘my way or the highway.’
  • The Ostrich – a manager with their head buried deeply in the sand, avoiding problems that pile up around them.
  • The Navel-Gazer – a manager who is so focused on detail that the big picture gets lost.
  • The Visionary – the opposite: a manager who orates like Dr King with a dream, but who couldn’t implement their way out of a wet paper bag.
  • The Procrastinator – We can discuss this one later.

But StrategyPal overcomes these quirks of character:

  • By helping to build and strengthen teams, and giving everyone a voice in the process, StrategyPal makes it impossible for bullies to bully.
  • By raising issues before they become problems, StrategyPal pulls the Ostrich’s head from the sand and provides an elevated view of reality.
  • By keeping everyone’s eye on the prize, StrategyPal moves the Navel-Gazer’s gaze away from irrelevant detail and onto the Big Strategic Picture.
  • By creating a sustainable implementation process, clearly and inextricably linked to strategy, StrategyPal turns visionaries into men and women of action.
  • By accurately and regularly measuring actions StrategyPal makes it almost impossible for the procrastinators in the company to put off until tomorrow what really should be done today.

Strategy creation is about doing the right things; strategy implementation is about doing things right. StrategyPal ensures that the right things are done right. This powerful system helps every employee to think, act and work strategically every single day – always driving the business toward success.


From a mentor’s perspective, the beauty of this system is its flexibility. Superbly designed to resemble a loose-leaf workbook, StrategyPal is extremely intuitive, enticing and interactive – encouraging users to roll up their sleeves and get down to work.

Each worksheet can be customised to suit clients’ needs. We provide an extensive range of ready-made templates for the kinds of worksheet forms most commonly used by strategy mentors to track various kinds of data and activities.

But if you want to design your own worksheets, we make that easy, too. StrategyPal includes a simple process for creating your own custom-made planning worksheets in seconds.

Of course, strategic planning is a challenging process, and sometimes overwhelming. That’s why we empower mentors to determine exactly how much to put before their clients at any stage of the process.

In the mentor’s admin-centre (only accessible by the mentor) you have complete control over which aspects of strategic planning your clients get to work on. This way you keep staff focused and motivated without overwhelming them with more than they can handle.

The key elements of StrategyPal are organised in a progression from the broad overview (Audit, Reality, Money, Buzz) to specificity of action (Clarity, Strategic Themes, Breakthroughs, Action Manager) to assessment (Sales, Business Intelligence). In practice, of course, the mentor will move freely from one element to another – as the client requires – and StrategyPal is specifically designed to facilitate this.

Strategic Planning

In essence, Strategy is designed to take the mystique and dread out of strategic planning – making it as familiar and natural as the day-to-day operations of the company. The application is organised around key elements of strategic planning and execution:

  1. Audit – Determining your starting point and ascertaining broad strategic challenges and options …
  2. Reality – Where are you today? A warts-and-all view of current issues, challenges and, of course, opportunities …
  3. Clarity – Where are you headed? Mission, vision, values, strategic themes, key objectives, measureable targets, and a clear roadmap to the future …
  4. STs – This is where strategic themes (STs) are delineated, and the critical issues that need attention are prioritised, with measureable targets …
  5. BTs – Quarterly, or perhaps monthly, management and tracking of key strategic breakthroughs …
  6. Action Manager – Just like it sounds: daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly actions linked to strategic objectives …
  7. Money – Gain crystal clarity on trends, profits and performance.  After all this is why you’re in business …
  8. Sales – How well is the sales team growing the bottom line? What are your most effective (and weakest) sales strategies? And where are future sales coming from …
  9. BI Dashboards – Key Performance indicators (KPIs) – the high level progress view across all strategic activities – gives you insights into what you really need to know …
  10. Buzz – Motivational tips keeping users ‘pumped up’ and energised …
  11. NotePad – With its blog-style conversation threads – enables the mentor, management and key employees to review, comment, feed back, and keep update on progress …
  12. XtraPal – is like your virtual mentor, always available, no more than a click away with answers to any of your (or your clients’) questions …
  13. BitzPal – Thought of something? … capture thoughts, ideas, suggestions … ‘on the fly’ …