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Managers cannot implement strategy on their own – yet research shows that fewer than 5% of employees understand their organisation’s strategy.

A business has no chance of success if employees don’t know and understand the strategy, and little chance of success if they do not embrace it.

As the mentor, you will want strategy taken from the boardroom to the backrooms and frontlines of daily operations and customer service.

Every employee is capable of finding improved ways of doing business that will contribute to achieving strategic objectives.

Thus, communication and involvement are cornerstones to making strategy everyone’s everyday job. That is why we developed NotePad, a very powerful yet simple, intuitive communication tool for everyone.

Accessible by a prominent tab from everywhere within Strategypal, NotePad - with its blog-style conversations threads – enables the mentor, management and all employees to review, comment, feed back, keep updated on progress and provide clarity on questions as they arise on every aspect of strategy delineation and execution.