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Everything starts with our powerful Audit … Informed by extensive research and backed by decades of experience in mentoring businesses in a wide range of sectors, our audit is designed to take a clear and vivid snapshot of where your client’s business stands today.

This raises the critical issues and broadly informs the strategic challenges, direction and themes that will create the basis for the Strategypal process, tailored specifically for your client.

The Strategypal Audit shows your client clearly where their strengths lie, uncovers hidden weaknesses and points the way for everything that follows: a living, working strategic planning process.

As the mentor, you determine which managers complete the audit, but it will generally be all senior management staff, giving a broad perspective on the team’s perceptions:

  • The audit is filled out individually, with the results then discussed in a meeting moderated by the mentor
  • This is critical, as perceptions may vary substantially between one manager and another
  • Thus the mentor progressively gains a true perspective on how the team is thinking.

This is not a once-off exercise. Ours is a ‘living audit,’ continuously updated and expanded to safeguard enduring relevance.

The mentor and client will return to the audit in a year (or perhaps sooner, depending on the needs of the client) and reinitiate the process from an enlightened perspective.


The Audit comprises five core elements, informed by experience, exhaustive research, and the momentous contributions of Kaplan & Norton:

  • Strategy
  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Internal Processes
  • Learning and Growth

For each of the 80+ Audit questions, there are five possible scores: A = 0, B = 1, C = 2, D = 3 or E = 4; an ‘E’ score suggesting ‘best in class,’ with the progression from A – E, succinctly suggesting pathways to improvement.