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An important measure of the effect of strategic planning is the impact on sales. Effective planning, well implemented, creates strong sales trends and builds predictability and reliability of future sales.

Sales Tracker

Our Sales Tracker does exactly that: tracks sales performance by team, individual sales persons, and sales category, revealing monthly and quarterly trends and progress against targets.

Focus 4

One of the keys to sales success is our Focus 4:

  • Retaining existing customers
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Getting more of each customers’ spend
  • At higher margins

Strategypal’s unique Focus 4 calculator helps you set targets and stretch targets and then track change impacts in each of these four areas, even for very small changes. Again, these can be tracked by team, individual sales persons, and sales category.

Strategypal’s Focus 4 drives you toward profitability by helping you avoid the pitfall of focusing only on turnover – a figure which may be misleading by overlooking cost. The important measure of profitability is ‘contribution’ or ‘added value’ – the difference between the cost of sales and sales price. Focus 4 lets you know at a glance the true value of your sales.

Pipeline Plus

Of course, at least as important as current sales figures and trends is a strategic means of looking into the future. Strategypal’s Pipeline Plus is your ‘crystal ball’ – it helps you explore what future sales levels will be required, and scrutinise what their impact will be on your bottom line.



Sales is a numbers game. Consider this equation:

# of Leads x Conversion % = # of Sales x Average Sales Value = Turnover x Added Value % = Key Result.

A healthy sales pipeline is the result of aggressively acquired, promising leads. Pipeline Plus lets you know the effect of increased high-value leads (or the dangers of weak numbers in this area) so that you can take action now to ramp up your pipeline, ensuring a stable future of sustained growth.

But is sustainability really enough? Don’t you really want to boost performance and maximise profit through strategic management of the key drivers of turnover? Strategypal’s Pipeline Plus also lets you dream about an ideal future, and take the steps toward making those dreams come true.

What if you could increase:

  • lead generation by 5% or more?
  • conversion percentage by 10% or more?
  • average sales value by even 3%?
  • or … added value by just 2%?

Pipeline Plus lets you run these numbers and make truly informed decisions about your future as a result.

A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all.

Michael Leboeuf