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Jerry Maguire knew what mattered most in business: ‘Show me the money!’ Our Money section does that with frank clarity. Employing Strategypal’s inimitably clear and userfriendly interface, Money asks and answers vital questions regarding your business’ financial trends, profitability and performance.

Performance Review

Historical performance is a very complex cluster of data that is notoriously difficult to interpret and dangerously easy to misinterpret. Money helps you generate easy-to-read graphs of trends across key areas:

  • Profitability
  • Break-even
  • Liquidity
  • Productivity
  • Indebtedness

Each of these areas is accompanied with a highly visual graph and related XtraPal explanation. Taken together, these take the guesswork out of ‘interpreting ratios’ and inform decisions that will influence your profitability and your future success.


And in addition to learning from historical data, include the current year forecast so you can track emergent trends and also keep the team firmly focused on the future.

Break-even Calculator

One of the best feelings in business is the moment (especially when it’s earlier this year than last) when you know you’ve passed break-even point and are now in profitability.

But knowing that point isn’t just a matter of comfort, it’s a crucial measure of your business’ health. With Strategypal’s Breakeven Calculator you can see instantly the effects of crucial variables on your break-even point.

Profit Indicator

Obviously, you don’t want to settle for breaking even. The name of the game is ‘profit,’ and ‘scenario testing’ is an excellent way of keeping your eye on the prize of increased profits. Strategypal’s Profit Indicator does this, giving you instant answers to a range of profit scenarios resulting from changes in key variables such as sales, margins, payroll costs and overheads. This is an excellent tool for tracking the impact of changes, and especially cumulative small changes (positive or negative), helping you truly understand the ‘fault lines’ in your business.

Performance Tracker

Tracking performance can be blindingly complex; reviewing stacks of spreadsheets of every aspect of your business can lead to ‘numbers fatigue,’ numbing your mind to what should be right before your eyes. This is what Strategypal’s Performance Tracker does. It puts just the big numbers up there – the ones that really matter to your bottom line – tracking your current year performance against forecast and identifying critical variances so you can isolate underlying causes, quickly taking remedial action.