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This brings us to the Clarity section of Strategypal, where the mentor guides the company to a clear understanding of its mission, vision, values and position in the marketplace.

This Clarity section of Strategypal develops a clear roadmap for your client’s journey into a successful future.

Kaplan & Norton put it very simply … if your client wants success they will need an achievable, coherent strategy:

  1. Ultimately they need to measure this in terms of Financial outcomes
  2. If they want strong financial results they must have great Customer relationships and service
  3. If they want great customer service, they must have excellent Internal Processes in place
  4. If they want great internal processes, they need Learning and Growth which will:
    (i) deliver competent, motivated people (human capital)
    (ii) excellent systems (information and technology capital), and
    (iii) a climate for action (organisational capital) which are required to execute the strategy and support the internal processes that will deliver delighted customers and therefore generate the financial outcomes to achieve the strategy … this is the ‘game-changer’ for success.

For example:

  • You want excellent service revenue growth (Financial)
  • The driver of this measure could be repeat and expanded sales from existing and new customers, the result of a high degree of customer loyalty, and focus on service excellence and customer satisfaction (Customer) Clarity
  • To achieve customer loyalty and thereby increase customer retention … analysis of customer preferences may show you need excellent processes which ensure the entire team deliver excellent, on- time service to the customer and superior value through optimised cost effective processes, excellent service division management systems and service delivery innovations (Internal Processes)
  • To achieve these improvements in internal processes you need (Learning and Growth)
    (i) motivated and focused highly skilled staff
    (ii) efficient leveraging of ICT infrastructure to underpin the delivery of top-end customer service and care
    (iii) a pervasive customer care and service culture


This is a powerful tool for agreeing goals and clarifying priorities in line with a shared vision for the next one, two, three, five or even ten years (always guided by the mentor). Here, the business’ source of competitive advantage is clearly identified and linked to the company’s values, mission and long-term vision.


Ready-made worksheets include:

  • Mission & Vision
  • Values
  • Quick Wins
  • Month Objectives
  • Quarter 1 Objectives
  • Quarter 2 Objectives
  • Quarter 3 Objectives
  • Quarter 4 Objectives
  • 1 Year Objectives
  • 2 Year Objectives
  • 3 Year Objectives
  • 5 Year Objectives

… and, of course, you can create your own worksheets.