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Action Manager

Strategic planning is meaningless without action, and our Action Manager is where the real work happens – where, if you will, ‘the rubber meets the road.’

Strategypal’s whole ethos is addressing the critical problem with most strategic planning - that ‘implementation is viewed as critical, but scheduled as luxury … if at all.’

Action Manager highlights this issue inescapably, making it imperative for the strategic plan to be put into daily action.

The beauty of Action Manager comes from experienced insight into how people actually work. We have found that even the most ambitious strategic objective can and must be broken down into ‘doable,’ measurable chunks. We’ve deliberately set the upper ceiling of these daily actions at 10 hours (many will be accomplished in less time than that).

This has the twin benefits of:

  • avoiding overwhelming staff and
  • ensuring that these actions actually get done.

Here is where specific actions are delineated, with precise deadlines, broken down by week, month, quarter, or however you choose, based on your specific relationship with your clients. In Action Manager everyone can clearly see who is responsible for what, when delivery is expected, and how each task is progressing. ‘What gets measured gets done,’ and here is where measurement takes place to ensure everyone is held accountable, and that work progresses efficiently.

Programs of Action

Of course, there will be actions requiring more (maybe much more) than 10 hours. These can (and indeed must) always be broken down into manageable, actionable chunks – and we provide a simple means of grouping them together into ‘programs’ with, if you like, ‘sub-actions’ building toward a broader related goal or objective.