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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Doing is more important than dreaming. Dreams guide our actions, but it’s our actions – daily, habitual, unwavering actions – that make dreams come true.

Michael Byrnes, StrategyPal Founder

Our Mission

To help mentors unremittingly place strategic planning and especially implementation at the heart of their clients’ business development, and to continuously and creatively improve Strategypal.

Our Vision

To develop Strategypal into the most effective, most respected and most widely used strategic mentoring system in Ireland, the UK and beyond.

Our Values … The StrategyPal Way

The client is king

This goes first for our own clients – mentors using Strategypal to add value for their clients. We keep Strategypal user-friendly, so the tool augments and supports the delivery of quality strategic mentoring. Mentors always have complete control over the system, and it’s a snap to tailor Strategypal to meet the unique and changing needs of each of their client companies.

Secondly, the simple, intuitive structure and interface of Strategypal means that all users can seamlessly embrace the process as part of their daily work routine. We keep the learning curve short and sweet, so it’s a simple matter for your clients to roll up their sleeves while you guide them in thinking, planning and working strategically.

Strategy first, last and always

We are all about strategy. Strategypal was born out of our belief that strategy saves businesses and builds success, even … make that especially … in difficult economic times.

Although using Strategypal every day certainly makes day-to-day operations run more smoothly and efficiently, the focus is always on how those operations are clearly linked to and visibly support the implementation of agreed, appropriate strategic goals.

Mentors are irreplaceable

Strategypal was not created to replace mentors. Quite the contrary, the system was developed to make it possible for more companies to avail of the invaluable strategic benefit mentors provide. By making mentoring more focused and systematic, Strategypal brings innovative efficiency to one-on-one mentoring, thus enabling mentors to guide far more clients than they could possibly handle without this tool.

Strategypal keeps the mentor’s goals for the client at the forefront of daily activity, obviating the need for long and frequent one-on-one sessions, whilst keeping client and mentor in constant contact throughout the strategic delineation, creation, implementation and review process.

Excellence is a starting point

Before releasing Strategypal, we honed it to the highest levels of excellence we could – testing, revising, innovating and testing again, until using it became as easy and natural as checking your email. But we refuse to be satisfied with excellence.

We are committed to continuously improving Strategypal. First and foremost, we seek and respond to client feedback. You are the users, after all, and know best what you love most and what you’d like to see changed, and how.

Secondly, we are committed to innovation and creativity, thinking laterally and always looking to the future to discover new opportunities to integrate into the Strategypal system for our mentors and their clients.

Trust the process

Businesses improve incrementally. Managers, employees too, alter their perspectives, increase their efficiency and develop better habits a few steps at a time.

Strategypal recognises this; we designed it to enable clients to move at an ambitious but comfortable pace of improvement. It gets everyone united, moving forward in a common direction from which real change emerges, coalescing, analysing, thinking, planning, doing, measuring and reviewing to continuously implement improvements that are incremental, cumulative … enduring.

And very importantly, progress is tracked in vivid charts and graphs, building motivation and reward into the system and keeping clients focused and inspired as the process progresses toward success.